What You Hear is Not What You're Listening To – Acoustic Illusions

Whenever our perception is put to the test and it turns out that the image of reality we perceive is not consistent, we feel discomfort. Then we receive irrefutable proof that empirical and rational knowledge may differ in their conclusions. Acoustic illusions are experiences created on the basis of this cognitive dissonance.

In my lecture I will describe the most important examples of sound illusions and talk about the mechanisms that they use to confuse our perception. Everything will be based on sound examples, so that everyone can confront the theory presented with reality and see for themselves how vulnerable they are to these illusions.



13.12.2017 – II Festival of Choirs KoChAM, Katowice (Poland)

02.12.2017 – II Silesian Festival of Science, Katowice (Poland)

06.04.2016 – XX Days of Faculty, Katowice (Poland)

22.01.2016 – II Silesian Festival of Choirs of Music Schools, Katowice (Poland)

A Musician in a Kitchen – Case Study

What is the difference between musicians and an ordinary person? What is their super power?

This enigmatic lecture-workshop makes you aware of the difference in the way artists live. They show thought processes, philosophy, controversial decisions…

During this event, you will be able to face the iconoclastic works of the twentieth century, test yourself as the avant-garde artist and see what tools to the composers the latest technology gave.



13.12.2019 – Szymanowski School of Music in Katowice, Katowice (Poland)

Xenharmony – Odd Tunings

Have you ever wondered why an octave is divided into twelve parts? What if I told you that it doesn’t have to be this way?

The lecture presents contemporary attempts to go beyond the evenly tempered twelve-tone system. I show the main trends along with their problems and representatives.

The lecture opens your ears to a whole new dimension of harmony – xenharmony!

Lecture addressed to people with musical background.



12.12.2019 – Silesian Composers’ Tribune, Katowice (Poland)

Contemporary Silesian Music

Is there a Silesian School of Composition? Does the mining landscape of Silesia have an impact on the music of artists residing here?

During this lecture, we will explore the genesis of contemporary Silesian music, learn about the profiles of the Founding Fathers, as well as the brightest, rising stars of the current music scene.

Elementary level lecture (no musical background needed).



15.05.2019 – Journées Art & Science 2019, Saint Etienne (France),Médiathèque de Tarentaize

Electronic Music With Accordion

A specially commissioned lecture on the bright and dark sides of connecting the accordion with electronic media.
The event focuses on presenting the creative possibilities offered by technology based on the composer’s own experience.



08.12.2017 – II International Science-Artistic Accordion Session, Katowice (Poland)

Workshops – Live Electronic Music

Would you like to learn how to create electronic music? What are the possibilities and what are the difficulties? Or maybe you already know how to use DAW software or MaxMSP programming language, but you would like some professional advice?

You do not need to have a large studio and expensive equipment. You can become a creator in the comfort of your home.

I run workshops adapted to the level of knowledge of participants.

  • basics
  • MaxMSP
  • Computer Aided Composition
  • live acts
  • DAW (Reaper)
  • sound installations & interactive media



16.01.2015 – II Silesian Festival of Children Choirs

I am devoted lecturer. Spreading knowledge about different dimensions of music is my passion.
I investigated vast are of subjects as well as I was asked to speak about my experience. Presented Lectures are the result of years of practice.
I am always open for suggestions in case of topic of lectures!

All Lectures might be in Polish, English or French